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How She Began

Born in Rimini Italy August 1993

Her Mother is Italian and her Farther is British
Yvonne Baker Started her Studies at the liceo artistico Federico Fellini indirizzo Moda  in Riccione  and went on to Graduated ( Laureata) in Fashion Design at the Laba Accademie di Belle Arti e le Accademie   Rimini  2017

She is one of the finest young clothing designer’s you may ever have the chance to meet.

Her goal is to captivate clients with intriguing fashions and unique accessories from her designs. Maintaining an edge on new trends and classic styles is what her customers have come to expect. Distinct clothing lines and unique apparel is what her reputation is built upon.


The mission is to be the apparel innovator, champion of accessories, Anything that has to do with outstanding fashion design, Yvonne Baker wants to make sure that her fingers are on the pulse. Yvonne Baker makes it a point to search out different designs and styles from around the region and the world. Fashion should be celebrated and Yvonner Baker does her part to encourage people to take part.

The Clothing

Specializing in classic looks and high-fashion styles, Yvonne Baker takes clothing and accessories very seriously. Personal appearance, for many, is incredibly important – that is where our boutique and clothing selection comes in. The apparel, styles, and accessories we carry are distinct, eye catching, and truly distinct.

Welcome to Visit

Great fashion should be accessible. Yvonne baker encourage people to come in, look around, and try on different pieces from the collection. Buying a new outfit or suit is personal, and we want to make sure that you not only look good and that it fits, but you are elated with it. We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. Yvonne Baker believes in living life to the fullest and enjoying the fruits of quality designers.

Her Vision

Yvonne Baker  is dedicated to providing the finest styles and fashions, making the world better one piece of apparel at a time.

Latest Trends

Yvonne Baker don't necessarily follow the latest trends. She believes  great style is something that can redefine trends.

Style and comfort are two portions to any fashion equation.Yvonne Baker  in Italy is looking forward to leading the way.

Yvonne Baker


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